Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Days of the Dead

After weathering some frustrating episodes of computer immersion last week, I took time to hang out at the studio and make something pleasing. I built this altar to my artist ancestors, a few particular souls whose lives and work have inspired me. After I'd put all the images together I realized I'd forgotten to include my own grandpa, an artist and bona fide blood relation. So I put a pen and brush box of his at the foot with a candle and small photo my mom found. Satisfying.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Reconstituting the Constitution

Here is a chance at last to stop the insidious corrosion of basic American freedoms that's been rotting away the foundations of our democracy these past several years. I haven't written a political post for quite awhile since I want to keep my energy focused on what I want to see rather than feed into the vortex of despair that current events usually lead me to do but this is truly heartening. Even if it is a long shot I still want to support it so I'm contacting my government peeps. Ron Paul, unlikely Republican presidential candidate, introduced the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 to Congress on Monday. It basically addresses the worst abuses, seeking to restore the rule of law. If passed it would, among other things, make inadmissible any evidence obtained through torture, require intelligence gathering to be done in accordance with FISA, challenge presidential signing statements and repeal the Military Commissions Act (restore habeas corpus). This is something seriously worthwhile that rises above the partisan divide. Naomi Wolf writes much more about it here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Room Of My Own



Saturday went really well. It's true that I was exhausted and still unsatisfied by the time I rolled aside the big door but at least I was open, the primary point of all this. My space was tidy, full and inviting. Despite my anemic expectations, folks showed up! My own people as well as some stray ARTrails explorers. I got to meet some new neighbors, engage in a few lovely and unlikely conversations as well as hang out with friends laughing, playing guitar and eating cheese. Fine pastimes all!
I even made some money. The best outcome of this all for me was the fresh reality of my studio being transformed. Unclogged both literally and energetically. I'm recharged and newly mapped. In touch with aspirations again. Cleared out and cleared up. Nice.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Open Studio

I've been putting in my hours getting ready to open the studio this Saturday. I'm finally sliding open the door. It happens that I am coinciding with the Sonoma County ARTrails Open Studio Tour which seems like good timing. Maybe. Having done ARTrails for several years, I'm actually relieved to not be officially participating this time. Being multifaceted, particular and a natural nonconformist, I like having things unfold on my own terms. Showing what I want as much as I want when I want. So, no rules, no constraints. I can show my paintings alongside my unjuried photographs. I can set out some wool sculpture or light forms or jewelry or painted purses if I am so inclined. Sarongs made in Bali or some kid art? No problem. I can hold a poetry reading or an impromptu music jam.
Not all these aspirations will be fulfilled on Saturday but there is intention which will become progression. Fundamentally, opening it up is more of a symbolic step for me. Becoming accessible. Overcoming reclusive tendencies. Even if not a soul darkens the door, I will feel good about the standing invitation. Every Saturday until Solstice 10 - 4. A chance to step into a creative space, see some work in progress, talk shop, co- inspire, woolgather or just cozy up to the fire and relax in a different atmosphere. I'll be there. Hope to see you.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Focus and Vote

Another card printing is in the works to replenish some bestsellers as well as debut six new images. Since there are more than six images to choose from we are asking for a little feedback from you. Click on over to Deva Luna Focus blog to check out what's up and vote on your top 6 choices (the poll will only be up for about a week). Everyone has different criteria and will likely choose what they like best but keep in mind which ones you think would have the widest appeal. I'd like to offer images that give a unique hit with some degree of versatility. Thanx all!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Weird Al's Bob

Here's a brilliant spoof of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues. Watch the original here.